Service Sales Assistant


Main Accountabilities & Responsibilities:

  1. Support sales with internal contract process such as contract hand over, follow, affix contract seal, fax and scan stamped contract, prepare bid document;
  2. Gather sales weekly report and order forecast, collect and analysis order data;
  3. Organize and leads sales team activities such as sales meeting, sales internal training and  outing;
  4. Assume additional duties and accountabilities as assigned by sales manager
  5. Do the sales contact handling over to project managers


  1. Bachelor degree or above
  2. Good English ability (speaking, listening, writing, reading and translating)
  3. Good communication and coordination skills
  4. Good computer skills, including Office, PPT etc.
  5. Well-organized, good time management, multitasking, capable of working under pressure, reliable, customer oriented;
  6. Efficient, follows up on tasks and tracks results with high work quality