Intern: software engineer intern



1: bachelor and/or master with computer science, power and control degree

2: good understanding of power electronics topology, components
3: understand the control of some typical power topology would be a bonus
4: preferred universities- NUAA, HUST, HIT,  ZJU, Tsinhua Univ,
5: have some experience in some global power electronics company would b a bonus
6: CET-6 is preferred
7: have the IoT and cloud application knowelege is a plus
8: know the C, C#, JS, .net

9: understand the environment of window and Linux


1. assistant the RnD engineers to design the products of solar inverter and ev chargers fromembedded control or cloud application perspective
2:, test , consolidate and report the validation results
3: prepare the prototypes
4: lab maintenance.